Marketing For Manufacturers - 14th June, Padiham Town Hall



To de-mystify marketing concepts and show how applicable marketing principles are to

- Enhance business focus,

- Promote sales development,

- Develop IP to add value to the business,

- Developing a business communications strategy.

The intention is to structure this as an introduction, to then be able to develop further in-depth projects on an individual client basis, addressing their more specific needs. Delegates will take away why marketing is an increasingly vital tool for manufacturers of all sizes.


Course structure:

- What is marketing? – discussion to establish what delegates understand by the term.

- Why do manufacturers see it as either ‘not relevant’ or as a low priority?

- Communicating marketing principles in terms of lean techniques – putting in processes that will improve outbound communication.

- Listening to your customers, what kind of things do they respond to.

- Pricing, and why it is not ‘the only game in town’.

- The importance of having a communications strategy – equipping your business to deal with enquiries from anywhere. This includes tips on keeping it simple, with clear, intuitive calls to action.

- Discussion around creating your own content, your own unique selling points, and how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Give your brand a natural personality that reflects the core standards you operate by.

- How to turn your data into a concise brief for marketing professionals, saving you time and money, and getting a more valuable response. Understand what the different specialisms are, so you can brief the right people with the right data.

- How to prepare for trade shows and maximise your time there.

(max June 2023)